The last 2 weeks have flown by…

Some exercises to start off the week

Here are is my conversation and thoughts of remixes and mash ups

Using Popcorn to help Alan go on vacation

Remix Generator and My 10 seconds of thanks

My Mashup Assignments that total 9 stars

A Changing Character – 4.5 Stars

Your Favorite Teams Mash Up – 3 Stars

10 Second Song Mash Up – 3 Stars

My Tutorial

How to: Switch Up the Mood

My New Assignment and the Completed Product

Vine It Then Combine It! – 3 Stars

My Summary

These past two weeks were extremely exciting considering the only though of a “remix” I had before this was hearing a song on the radio that was considered a remix. I never really put any more thought into what a remix or mash up could actually be other than the compete obvious of someone putting a spin on a song that is already out to the public. After watching countless hours of videos and completing assignments as well as looking over other classmate’s assignments, I have a better understanding of it all now.

Pretty much, EVERYTHING is a remix. No one thing in this world is made of just that (well at least not that I know of). Every single object has different parts to it which consider it as a mashed up object to me. Another example I thought of is myself. I am both a remix and a mash up of my mother and father. I am considered an original to some people. but in all honesty I am not… I am some of my mom and some of my dad in another body. As each and every other person in the world are.

It is actually intriguing to think of all the aspects that go into every day objects that I wouldn’t have cared about or even thought about before. After listening to what other peoples’ thoughts and ideas of remixes and mash ups are, everywhere I go I end up looking at things differently and my mind wonders for a while just thinking about what made that the way it is today, or how did that plant get the way it looks? Weird and interesting thoughts, but definitely brain teasers nonetheless.


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