3 Stars

For my second Mashup Assignment, I chose to complete Your Favorite Teams Mashup. I am a huge sports fan and have been pretty much since I was born. I grew up with my whole family being into all different sports, but some are my favorite to watch are football and hockey, but I love playing softball. Well for this assignment, I chose my 3 favorite teams, two in football and one in hockey. I chose to mash up the Washington Capitals Logo, the Washington Redskins logo as well as the South Carolina Gamecocks mascot.

           To mix these all together in one “flowing” picture or logo was pretty simple. I found each logo and mascot picture on google and made sure each picture had a transparent background in order to make the overlapping of each a little easier on me.

            After I found the perfect pictures, I opened up MS Paint, and first opened up the Gamecocks mascot picture to start as the bottom layer of the picture. I then inserted the Redskins Indian into the picture to lie on top of the mascot as the head, except I rotated it to face the other way so the head was in the same direction as the body was. After adding the head to my creation, I added the Capitals Eagle to top it all off as if it were carrying the mascot.


            It may not be the most pretty logo/icon, but I definitely thought it was cute and worked well for what I was aiming for (never said I was Picasso ;)). I think a cool way to make this assignment even more “remixed” would be making it as a GIF or making it come alive in some sort of way. If I had the time this week, I would’ve done so to give my creation a little more pizazz, but unfortunately I had a lot going on so I stuck to what the assignments goals were and that was it.

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