I had a short conversation with my sister on what I thought about the words remix and mash up. The reason it didn’t last that long was because to me, everything is a remix and/or a mash up. She even had asked a great question about my boyfriend Chris working on cars and if I would consider a car either a remix or a mash up which I would. Like I said, everything in my eyes is a remix of something else or mash of two or more things. A car, is just a bunch of metal parts, nuts and bolts put together to create a bigger product, which is a mash up to me.

The first example I watched was of the Star Wars Call Me Maybe, and I found it hilarious first and foremost. This would be put under the definition of a mash up in my opinion because the artist took words from both Star Wars and the song Call Me Maybe and made it into a new song intertwining them both. If I were to have done this, I probably would have gotten frustrated within the first 5 minutes of mashing every other couple of words together to create a new song! But kudos to the artist for sure!

Another video I watched was Down On Me and this had my on the floor laughing so hard. This little kid was the cutest! I am not sure if I would call this a remix or a mash up or both, because it’s mashing him lip syncing the song but remixing it when 50 Cent actually comes into the video to rap with him in the video. I am not sure how much this kid really knew or knows about the song as he was trying to sing it, but the remix of the original version of this song and having him add his own twist to it created an awesome remix/mash up.

Nowadays, it seems harder to for song writers to remix other musicians songs without the other taking offense or without legal issues getting in the way. Although I know of a lot of country songs that have been remade from other artists over the years and I am not sure how that necessarily works legal wise, but I am sure permission is requested from the new artist to the old artist for rights to that specific song and other rules or guidelines as well.


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