This Is How To Make Dreams Come True

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Love: In Three Frames 

B Davis Collage

These frames show who Brooke Davis was towards the end of the series, One Tree Hill. Her love was for fashion; not only fashion but her own clothing line, “Clothes Over Bros.” She took that fashion line that she always dreamt of while she was in high school, and went far beyond her wildest dreams. When the series ended, nobody knows what all happened with Brooke Davis and her clothing line, but this starts off by showing her love and passion of fashion and her clothing line.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


I took this assignment, and made it as if Brooke Davis were to open this letter after the series finale of One Tree Hill was over. She opened this and realized her dreams have yet to be accomplished, and she will be dammed if that dream of having her clothes shown during New York’s Fashion Week doesn’t happen. She reads over this postcard, and it gives her the determination to keep on going with her clothing line, far beyond the set of One Tree Hill, but to make herself proud, and her family proud. Little did she know, an invitation was right around the corner?

You’re Invited!


Days after Brooke Davis opened that postcard she had written to herself more than ten years ago while she was in high school, she received a black and white invitation, one she had never seen before. She opened the envelope and was shocked, completely dumbfounded at what was waiting for her inside of it. It was an invitation to New York’s Fashion Week 2015. Her dreams are finally coming to reality, and VOGUE wants her clothing line, Clothes Over Bros, to be shown off to the fashion world during next year’s fashion week. She instantly grabbed that postcard from the other day, and read over what she had written; she now knows some of the many steps she needs to take to make this opportunity all that she wants it to be.

Website Banner


It’s that time that Brooke Davis starts sprucing up her website, and she feels as if she needs to create a new banner that captures that attention of all viewers. She wants the picture to be of what she loves doing and of what her clothing line is all about. Brooke Davis thinks this will be the first step to making her clothing line get BIG in the fashion world. It is time to make it classier, and not keep it at the high school days of Clothes Over Bros, but to the new age.

Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!


After creating her new and improved website, Brooke Davis moved onto to creating her dream vacation, which to here is Fashion Week. This will be a board of what all she wants done for her time on the runway. She added make up ideas, hair ideas, and the clothes she wants to be shown during fashion week 2015. This Pinterest Board is where Brooke Davis will continue to add her makeup, hair, and fashion ideas for her time to shine next year. As more ideas come and go, she will provide tons of ideas for all who are there to help out during probably one of the most stressful times, yet the best experience Brooke Davis will have.

 Music Mash 

It’s music time! Brooke Davis now needs to put together a combination of music that she wants the models to walk down the runway to. There won’t be music with any words, but more of just the beats to music, so the attention won’t be taken away from the models and the clothes, but Brooke wants the music to go with her clothing line and to still keep the attention to the stage and not all around while her clothes will be walking down the infamous runway for the first time.

Where Are They Now?

Now that Brooke Davis has finished preparing herself for her HUGE day on the runway, this video shows where she is now, and steps of her journey along the way. She never gave up on her dream of having her own fashion line and making her own clothes. Now that One Tree Hill is over, this is where Brooke Davis is now…making herself a fashion icon and fulfilling her lifelong dreams.


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