Love: In Three Frames
3 Stars
Visual Assignment

I chose three pictures that I thought summed up a relationship that summed up Brooke Davis. Honestly, this was completely easy. My final project was going to be about Brooke fulfilling a lifelong dream of having her own clothing line, making her own clothes, and presenting them at a fashion show. So of course, I chose a picture of Brooke Davis, since the relationship was about her, a photo of sketches she had made for the clothing line, and then the name of her clothing line, Clothes over Bros, on the wall at her store.

Fotor B Davis Collage

To create this three-framed photo, I used Fotor, which is a picture editor as well as a collage creator application. I chose the three photos that I wanted to use for the frame and opened them up into the app. I then used the photo stitching option on the right hand side which allowed me to align the photos side by side, or up and down; I chose the side by side option. I changed the outline color to black, and I rounded the edges of the pictures to give it an edgy side, because if anyone has watched One Tree Hill, or is just a Brooke Davis fan, we all know she is completely on the edgy side. After I was content with my editing, I saved the frame and this became “Love: In Three Frames”


B Davis Collage


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