What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
2.5 Stars
Design Assignment

Using a postcard from the past was a great opportunity to spark Brooke Davis’ motivation to fulfil those dreams of hers, and to never give up. I made the postcard a lot about what my final project story was shaping into because I didn’t want to have just a random postcard of no meaning to just show up in my storyline. I used MS PowerPoint to create the postcard. I chose a background design that I loved, simple and classy. I then changed the font to a somewhat cursive-looking font, to make it look handwritten and not just typed up in 10 minutes. I also made up a random address, making sure the location was where One Tree Hill actually took place, in Tree Hill, North Carolina. For the stamp, I got a stamp clipart from Google, and inserted onto my postcard to make it seem as if it were going to be sent back in the day.


This was a relatively easy assignment, but I didn’t choose it for that reason. I felt as if this played a strong role in my story of who Brooke Davis made of herself after One Tree Hill was over, and her dreams were still being sought. Also, remembering the hundreds of episodes I watched of the show, Brooke Davis was definitely a writer when it came to feelings, especially when it came to Lucas Scott during her high school days, ha! She wrote her dreams and thoughts and feelings on paper, so what’s nothing better than reminiscing a memory from the past?


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