You’re Invited!
3.5 Stars
Design Assignment

After reminiscing on the postcard from here past, I thought it was a great idea to have an invitation in the mail a few days later that would change Brooke’s life…forever. I created an invitation  to none other than the world famous New York Fashion Week. The thought of Brooke being invited to New York’s Fashion Week, not just as a guest, but to show off her very own clothing line would be the game changer in her life. When deciding on the design of the invitation, I knew it had to be black and white and nothing to bright or obnoxious because that is not what fashion week is all about.

To create the invitation, I also used MS PowerPoint because I have templates saved in the program that I thought would be a perfect for a classy invitation like this one. It has the small details that I was imagining and is mostly black and white. I wanted the words “New York Fashion Week 2015” to stand out from the rest to bring the immediate attention to that. After the attention was brought to that, I then went out and typed up the rest of the invitation and put it into a cursive font to make it fancier than original font, and also used just the right amount of words to not lose interest while reading, but to give enough information out. This invitation would lead to the creation of Brooke getting ready for her big day!




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