Website Banner
4 Stars
Design Assignment

The website banner was the start of something new for Brooke Davis. She had a website before the big news she received from the invitation, but nothing that could be shown to the fashion world. I chose pictures that would represent what Clothes over Bros, as a company, is, and who Brooke Davis is as a person. I included a picture of her first Clothes over Bros store, the infamous logo of the clothing line, some sketches she drew, and a picture of herself. An important picture to me that I put into the banner, was the one of Brooke wearing a shirt that reads “0 is not a size” which is a bold statement, and a statement I feel all girls, women, boys and men should know, and be comfortable with.

I put the collage together in MS Paint because this banner was nothing more than a collage of the pictures I chose to represent Brooke and her company. If it were to have needed more detail or shapes, I definitely would have used a picture editing application or a collage maker, but I felt it was just as easy in MS Paint. The one thing I did a lot of was copying and pasting of the pictures to get them in the right places where they would line up perfectly and no part of any picture would get cut off. Ultimately this was going to be the banner of her new website, and it had to be something someone would be proud of.



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