Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest! 
3 Stars
Web Assignment

A HUGE part of Brooke preparing for her time on the runway, she had to think of what outfits she wanted to show off, what hair styles she wanted the girls to have and how their makeup would be done. These were all the thoughts I had while I was creating the “Clothes over Bros” board on Pinterest.

I already had a Pinterest before completing this assignment, so I just added to my many boards, a new one of what preparations needed to be done and decisions needed to be made for Brooke’s big day. I went through many hairstyles and makeup ideas and decided which ones would look best and work best with the clothing that was going to be shown on the runway. I also added some outfit choices that would be shown off. Once I found the pictures I wanted to add to the board, I clicked on the “Pin it” button, and then chose the board I wanted it to go to, which was the Clothes over Bros board and clicked okay. It was as simple as that, and I am sure the board of Brooke’s ideas will continue to grow as her days come closer to the fashion show week she has always waited for.



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