Where Should Alan Go On Vacation?

…Not anywhere with popcorn, that is for certain!

When I think of popcorn, I think of a delicious snack, especially one of which is extremely tasty during a movie. Well, my thoughts of popcorn right now have gone completely downhill. Mozilla Popcorn Maker is one of the worst tools I have had to use, and I don’t use the term “worst” in a lightly manner. I spent 3 hours just remixing this 3 minute video. I ended up exiting out of it and redoing about 10 times, and that is an accurate count of attempts.

Finding the pictures and videos were the fun aspect of this assignment, hey at least some part of it was fun, right?! For the first picture of a ds106 assignment Alan was looking at, I decided to use a GIF of SpongeBob acting crazy, because that is exactly how I felt doing this assignment. For the music, I chose the song “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band since the destination was going to be Myrtle Beach, I felt that song would fit just perfectly with the beach theme.

As I was instructed, I included a map and a Wikipedia article of Myrtle Beach for the next clips. The twitter search I used was about Myrtle Beach attractions, because if you are planning a vacation, why not find some fun things to do?! And while he was opening his drawer, I placed a camera at the bottom because while on a vacation of any kind, there is always pictures that need to be taken. Then came the page where I entered my name and the grade I received in the class, which was an “A” (hoping that is what comes out of this class at the end!). I also added a little side note saying what an excellent job I had done. (Being a little big-headed? Maybe, but I needed to add something considering I don’t think I did a swell job on this assignment). After the grades were put up, the last thing was packing the suitcase, and I made sure he didn’t forget his Ipad, which I am sure he can’t go anywhere without!

The final video I posted was a 30 second YouTube video of actually being in a hotel room looking up and down the beach of Myrtle Beach itself, with families coming together and the sounds of kids playing together.

I would love to give myself the full credit for trying my absolute hardest on this assignment, but as an over-achiever and a perfectionist, I definitely found myself getting beyond frustrated that I couldn’t get this video lined up, matching the seconds to a T. I may end up coming back to try and edit this remixed video sometime before the next two weeks is over, but as of now, I am frustrated with how hard this seems to me. So until then, my final product can be seen below; and I give everyone THE UPMOST RESPECT who found this application easy to use and remix Alan’s Vacation with!


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