Vine It Then Combine It!


I created a new assignment this week and was definitely more on the excited side to complete it. My assignment was a Mashup Assignment in favor of our main topics of these past two weeks assignments (remixes and mash ups). The goal of the assignment was to create 2 or more Vine videos using the Vine App, on your phone, tablet (or whatever you choose) and after those videos are made, combine them using any editing software to create one complete video of them all. I thought this would be kind of interesting considering Vine videos can only be 6 seconds or less and have videos of no longer than 6 seconds all combined into one video would be very interesting to say the least.

For starters, I used the Vine app on my phone to make the videos, and I chose to take multiple videos of what all went on during my day today! It was a very hectic day considering I walked outside this morning and it was raining, then continued my morning to go and tan. After tanning and going to my house the rain turned into snow, so as the first snowfall of the season, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get it on camera! That concluded my first video, as I created my second video it was of me arriving at work, then taking a break and going back into work (where it was nothing shy of a hectic day at the pharmacy). Finally my last video was of me finally getting home around 8 tonight, and going straight into doing my ds106 homework before I go out of town tomorrow night!

After my three videos were created, I sent them to my email and saved them onto my computer. I opened them up using the Freemake Video Converter application and started combining the videos into one solid video. I first clicked onย add videos, and clicked on the 3 Vine videos I previously recorded and opened them up into the application. I then made sure the “join files” option was on, which makes them all into one video and not just three separate videos as they were before. Another option I made sure was on was the “fade transition” because I wanted the three videos to flow nicely within the one solid video instead of just video, after video, after video. Then I clicked the edit buttons just to make sure everything was set up and placed where I wanted it to be and clicked ok. Finally to save it, I clicked on the “convert” tab on the top toolbar and chose convert to Mp4 which allows the video to be opened in any software, website, etc.


I wasn’t originally going to create a Mashup Assignment, I was going to stay safe and create a photo assignment, but I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. This class has taught me a lot of that actually, I have done many more things than I am actually comfortable with and I am glad I was given the opportunity to do so. Anywho, one of the assignments I had done prior had inspired me to use Vine as part of this new assignment, and then I added the extra part of adding them all together as one video to give it the “Mashup” title.


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