Vine it! for 3 stars

For starters, I only knew about the Vine application because of my boyfriend and his friends when they always watch these videos. So when I saw this was an assignment, I jumped at it because I wanted to see what all the talk was about it, and being able to create my own Vine was definitely interesting.

After downloading Vine to my phone, I started experimenting on how to create and edit videos within the application. After playing around with the videos and watching examples of videos on Vine, I thought to myself what day during the week would be good to create my video. I chose today, Friday 11/7 because I commute from Woodbridge down to UMW for class at 8 and stay until roughly 1 o’clock. Then I start my adventure home, just to run inside, change clothes and grab something to eat, then head straight into work (the pharmacy). After work, I get to come home and finally just get to relax and go to sleep.

I opened the app and clicked on the video camera in the top corner of it.

Start Video

After opening up the recording button, I held down on my phone’s screen to record myself and/or whatever I wanted to record and released my finger when I wanted that part to be stopped. I repeated this step without saving or exiting out of the application for each different clip I recorded until my 6 seconds was completed.

Record Video

Once the 6 seconds was reached, the video started rendering which took me to the preview/edit/save screen.

 Render Video

Save Video

When the preview/edit/save screen comes up, the video automatically started playing and I had the choice to edit, save or exit the preview screen which would take me back to the original recording screen. I then clicked save, because I was satisfied with how my vine came out and it saved directly to my phones gallery. After it saved, I went ahead and emailed it to myself and uploaded to Vimeo for ds106 to see!


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