Here is how to switch up the mood…

Here is a quick and easy way to complete the Switch Up The Mood visual assignment! I used an existing photo I had saved onto my computer just to use as an example, but use any picture you already have or take a new picture of anything to use for this assignment!

I opened up the photo editor Fotor which actually does a variety of things, not only edits photos but you can create collages and slideshows with this editor as well! Anywho, I opened up the editor and chose the picture I wanted to edit and it takes you to this screen:


Once you arrive at this screen, towards the right hand side of the screen, as you can see there are tons of options on how to edit this photo. I went into the effects section of the editor



And started tooling around with all of the different options, from artistic, to black and white, to lomo, or even the good ole’ classic option, Within each of those options, there are even further in depth options within that category. Below are two example of changing the original photo to an option under black and white and a vintage option.

Av3 Av4

You also can change your photo into a little more artsy photo and add a border if you’d like!


I wouldn’t limit yourself to only what you are comfortable with, but absolutely have fun with this one! Be creative, this is only one option of how to create this assignment, but again don’t limit yourself, I would even experiment with one or two other photo editors to see what final mood changing photos you can come up with! Good luck!


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