10 Seconds of Thanks [Remixed]: Media Bender

The original assignment was to set a timer for 10 seconds and write a list of everything you are thankful for until the timer stops. Then you were to share it on some media page where others could comment. Well a bonus to this assignment was another 10 second challenge, of drawing yourself! Another twist which was thrown at me was to use a  previous ds106 students’ work and remix their creation. I came across the Kennesaw State University English 3421 Blog where I read the 10 seconds of Thanks – Reining which was written by the user “attackturtle”. Instead of creating a 10-second list of things I am thankful of, I took their list, and remixed it into a picture video of all the things that were written down. I added my own little twist to it by using my own pictures but with what that person had written down of what they were thankful of.

 For the 10-second bonus photo of myself, I went on paint and created an oh-so creative picture of myself holding up a sign and saved it to use at the end of my video! For the creation of my picture video, I used the software FreeMake Video Converter where I added the 9 pictures that gave an image to each thing “attackturtle” was thankful for in their 10-seconds of writing, as well as the fabulous drawing of myself in MS Paint. After completing the video, I converted it to an Mp4 which I was able to do inside the Freemake Video Converter Software using the convert button which automatically saved it to my computer.

My whole goal was to complete this remixed assignment by adding video to it instead of just a write-up. Then for the fun of it, I wanted to personalize the video while using “attackturtle’s” list to make it original!


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