10 Second Song Mashup – 3 Stars

For my final mashup assignment, I chose to create a mashup of 5 songs which all lasted between 2-3 seconds. I chose this assignment because music is a huge part of my life. I am one of those people that music motivates, not only to get things done at that point in time, but also throughout life and my goals and dreams. I can relate to the music I listen to, which is one reason I love country music so much.

To start this assignment, I thought about what songs I wanted to use, and I came up with the list of songs I wanted to use. For some reason I wanted to change out the male and female artists every other song, not too sure if there was rhyme or reason for it, but I definitely just felt it would sound better, or more different and hopefully people can figure the songs out easier!

I used two different applications for my creation, YouTube and Audacity. I opened up Audacity which is the software I used to record each 2-3 second clip of the different songs and I used YouTube to stream them while recording. I opened up each YouTube video in a separate window so I each song ready to go when I needed to add it to my mashup of songs. To start the recording I would hit the red record button on the toolbar at the top, and to stop recording after the certain time (2-3 seconds) I hit the square stop button.

RecordS1 RecordS2

After doing so for the first song, I repeated those steps for the following four songs. The recordings just added to the end of the previous recording, so there was not any editing needed after the clips were recorded. To save it to my computer, I had to export it which converted the file to a Mp4 which is capable with any program/software.

Now, its your chance to guess which songs I used to create this Mashup Sound! πŸ™‚


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