But First, Let Me Take a Selfie – 2 Stars

Selfies are here and selfies are there, anywhere you go nowadays, selfies are the center of picture taking. I absolutely loved this assignment because not only am I master of taking selfies anywhere and everywhere, but I also know the bad places to take a selfie, the bathroom, and bad places tend to be dangerous places, which is the reason I chose taking a selfie while driving…HORRIBLE IDEA.

Now for the creative process of this video, I actually sent out and had a bunch of friends and family take selfies for me in the bathroom and in the car (acting as if they were driving) because I wouldn’t want anyone to take it while driving, but I definitely know it does happen and that is why I chose it to be a bad place to take one. After I have received the selfies from all of my friends and family, I uploaded them to my computer and went through them all to make sure they were what I want in my video.

For the editing process, I used the Windows Video Maker

To add all the pictures to my video I clicked on the “Add Videos and Photos” and chose all the pictures and entered them into the video. On the right side of the screen, I put the pictures in the order I wanted them to be seen from bathroom selfies to driving selfies.


I changed the duration of each frame to 4 seconds or 7 seconds depending n what frame/picture was being shown.


To add effects of the I went to the visual effects tab on the toolbar and was able to change the effects and animations of each picture frame in my video. After doing all the creative changes to my video, I then started adding music


To add the music, I went to the home screen, and right next to the add videos and photos button, where the add music button is located and clicked on add files from my computer, which the song “Selfie” is located. I made sure I added the song throughout the entire video but faded during when I was speaking in the first few seconds of the video.



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