What’s Your Skills? – 4.5 Stars

            Ever since I was 5 years old, softball has always been a passion to me. I started out playing tee ball and worked my way up to playing softball in a county league, and then making my way to travel softball at age 8. I started out as a catcher for a couple of years until I hurt my knee and had to get stitches which prevented me from being able to bend at the knees as I typically would need to as a catcher. From that point, I taught myself to become a pitcher. After that period of time, I never looked back and pitching was what I knew I was meant to do in softball. I worked days in and days out, year around to become who the pitcher I was. Unfortunately, during the summer after I graduated high school right before college began, I tore muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and was told I wouldn’t be able to pitch anymore, well not nearly as I was able to at my highest point. So the reasoning behind my decision of showing off a skill of mine was to be able to relive what I did for 15 years of my life in a few minutes.

            I grabbed my boyfriend, a.k.a. my cameraman today, and we went outside as I decided I wanted to do a little bit of pitching for my skills video for people to see. It was definitely not nearly as competitive or fast-paced as it would’ve been years ago (don’t think I wanted to make my shoulder any worse), but it did bring back a lot of memories which made this process that much more fun! He recorded about 15 different videos in total, and him and I went through all of them and I kept asking him to re-record the video because I wanted it to be just right. I had thought of all the different angles I wanted him to be placed so the video had different views to it. After all of the recording, I uploaded them to the computer and opened up Windows Movie Maker to edit the entire video.


            I clicked on add photos and videos, and then clicked on each video of me pitching and added them to my video clip. Once they were on the video clip stream, I added animations to the transitions of the clip which faded them in and out as each video came and went. I didn’t add any effects to the videos because I wanted them in their raw, purest form. Once I completed all of the editing on the video animations, I added the song “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor. That song was my walkup song in high school, which made me think it would be perfect for this video because it has been a part of me since then, why not keep it going and add it to who I am now.

            I know I have said each video assignment was fun and that I liked them a lot, but I can definitely say this was by far my favorite. It almost brought me to tears bringing back all the memories I had pitching and playing softball.

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