Week 11 & Week 12 Come Together As One

Have a Conversation With Yourself

Show Your Skills

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

The Hangover Assignment

I Am Me

Vine It

Daily Creates


These two weeks have definitely been the most challenging. Before learning any of the aspects of videos and recording, I didn’t think there was that much to it. The angle of the camera, the backgrounds, the noise levels, the perspectives, they all have a purpose and even the slightest change could ruin an entire scene. I have learned more in the last two weeks than in my life about movies. Thinking movie making was an easy process was a dumb thought of mine. Although I had plenty of challenges to overcome while I completed the assignments, I had fun doing them. I learned how to express myself in more than just words or me talking about myself, but through pictures and videos. I learned how to overlay videos to make them into one free flowing video as if were recorded as one. I was never a video person, always a picture taking person, but I have come to like…not love making videos. I also learned that videos never can get recorded in just one chance, it takes tons of time and effort which I wasn’t aware of before these two weeks. Each assignment required 10+ recordings just to get it good enough for my liking, definitely not top notch as if it were a movie for the world to see.


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