What’s Your Flag? – The flag I created was somewhat simple. I decided to use the flowers that I love to draw and my favorite color pink along with an accent of stars surrounding the flowers. If I was able to have my own flag, I would make it simple yet girly-ish as the one I created. To me, more is less.

 Flag - If I had a country...

Make a Sound Map –I had my tablet with me listening to music as I was outside with friends, while kids were playing near us in the yard. I decided to just listen for 5 or 10 minutes to everything that came through my head, and after roughly 10 minutes, I brainstormed in my head what all I heard and created it in paint on my tablet!

Sounds of a beautiful day

Make Us an Experimental Water Photo – This was actually taken on a day where it was nicer weather for this time of year and I decided to go down to the lake and take this picture. It was taken with my GoPro and the setting was on a 10-shot burst, and this was one of the pictures that came from the group, and I think it is one of the coolest water photos I have seen in a while.

 When the GoPro came in handy

Share Your Best Sleepy Shot– I’m keeping this caption short and sweet…What is better that seeing your loves sleep? My dog and my boyfriend – the cutest photo ever without him knowing I took it!

 Not just one, but two sleepy heads

Your Anti-Film Masterpiece – I wasn’t quite sure on how to create this video, but I knew my goal for this week was to focus on video daily creates, and this was one of the only ones I came across so I snagged it up and took the opportunity to put my video knowledge to work. I just took a boring ole’ video of me watching TV, I tried to stay away from the eating examples and just took a video of me…doing a whole lot of nothing.

Write a Smart Alex Haiku – This haiku I came up with was definitely a smart-ass remark. I made it seem like this was just another easy task for ds106, and that I rarely have assignments to do. When in reality, this class is definitely a workload, but absolutely on the fun side!

 Look At My Haiku Here! 🙂


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