The Hangover Assignment – 4.5 stars

While searching through the ds106 assignment bank, I came across this assignment and knew it’d be perfect for me! I absolutely love the movie The Hangover and my boyfriend and I were already planning on having a bunch of friends over on Saturday night to have a little party by the bonfire, so I decided to take complete advantage of it.

As all of our friends showed up to our house, drinks, food and all, I mentioned to them that we had to make sure we took a lot of pictures and videos of the night because I was to reenact how the Hangover did one of their final scenes of finding the pictures. Everyone was completely excited for this assignment as well as myself, and the pictures started coming from each and every phone that night.

The picture taking part was extremely fun, as well as going through all of them this morning while regretting each drink that was downed last night. After searching through my phone from the pictures I took as well as the pictures that were sent to my phone from my friends, I sent them all to my email and uploaded them to my computer. Like the other video I created, I used the video editor called Freemake to create the video of pictures, videos and music.

For the song I chose to be the background music was Brantley Gilbert’s Kick it in the Sticks. I took the YouTube video and converted to a mp3 with the YouTube – Mp3 Converter. That website converts and video from YouTube into a mp3 so you can download it to your computer, which I did so I could use the audio as my background music in my video.

I then opened up Freemake and started the video making process. I clicked add photos and chose all the pictures I wanted and then clicked ok. After adding the pictures I clicked on add video which is where I added the videos I wanted to use and clicked ok. Once those were on the screen, I clicked add audio and added the song Kick it in the Sticks to my video. After all that was done, I went to the top toolbar and clicked on convert and chose the mp4 option and the next screen popped up where I chose the place I wanted it to be saved at and clicked convert, which automatically saves it.

Convert mp4 Save


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