Here is a little pre-production!

Vine it!

For this assignment, I will be using a collection photos from a certain day next week (one I find more on the interesting side) and will be making them into the six-second vine video. I will have to download the Vine App onto either my phone or my tablet to complete this assignment. I don’t have the pictures/video of what I want to use now, because I want it to be of one of my days next week not from this past week. From what I know of the app Vine, I will be able to do all of the editing and such within the app and will not need any other sources to create this assignment.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

I am going to use two different scenarios of when it would be a bad time to take a selfie:

In the bathroom:


While driving:

I will add the song to the entire video just in different parts of it, and I will also look into adding more pictures/video if needed. Now to create this compilation, I am going to need to find a video maker that will allow me to add pictures and videos together. I am not familiar with ANY editing tools for videos such as  compilation videos, so I will definitely be researching them. I will also use Audacity to make different voices or have some friends help me out with the voices throughout the video I want to add.

For the Selfie assignment, there was no other examples from previous years, but I did watch the example they have shown. I did think the video was a little long, and I wanted to make mine different in the way where it was just 2 times of when it would be bad to take a selfie, and combine a lot of examples (funny, serious, outrageous) of “bad selfies”. I did like how they used a video of some groups taking selfies, but as I mentioned, I don’t want mind being the exact same just different videos or pictures, that is why I have decided to use only 2 different bad ideas with a lot of examples.

For Vine it, I watched Kriezl’s vine  and I liked hers and how she used her entire day, work, on her way home, and then her being home. It would have been nice to see a little bit more, but I do know six seconds isn’t a long time, so I may find that part a little tricky. I also watched Hayley’s vine and was a bit disappointed. It was of her day, but I think the object was to show bits of your entire day; unless she spent the majority of her day at work which is completely possible, it would’ve been nice maybe seeing before or after work. Although, getting the idea of what happens at Home Team Grill was a cool thought, so it wasn’t a bad vine in my opinion, I just didn’t think it met the requirements of the assignment.


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