Halloween Color Walk!

Halloween night in one picture ☺

For my Halloween Walk, I took pictures throughout the day and combined then into one collage of the color orange. One picture is of my nephew wearing a orange shirt, another of a full pumpkin and candy corn. I also took a picture of the pumpkin I carved with the word “drink” in it. And then at the end of the night, a bunch of my friends and family came together to have a bonfire which ended up being my 5th picture of the collage.

Tell us your signature style

My signature has a lot to do with the A in my first name, Ashleigh. I usually make it a statement cursive letter and have the rest flow from there, smaller and typically less readable. I’m more of bold person, and I have always made my A stand out more than the rest, anything I leave my print on…you’ll be sure to see it, and probably not able to read the rest.

What is it?

I took this picture with the lights off and the blinds closed as each person was instructed to do. I decided to take a picture of the Redskins canvas on my wall because I was proud of my boys for beating the Cowboys! I was a little hesitant of how to take this picture, especially being in the dark, but I did find the canvas to be what I wanted to take the picture of and made it a little apparent of what it was instead of a black square in the picture.

Write a few zeugmas, perhaps as poetry

You held your thoughts and the door as I walked by.


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