Listening to Hampton’s Handyman on Ds106 Radio…

I love how the introduction started, the way the host had to keep on trying to get the handyman’s attention. The use of the different voices made the radio show constantly interesting and entertaining. The use of taking a general idea of always needing a handyman and what a handyman should know how to do and adding a twist to it was a good idea. Instead of what I was expecting the show to be, listening to a radio show about a good handyman in the Hamptons if you would ever need one, the show took me off my feet. They made it a comedy show, pretty much of everything a handyman SHOULDN’T do.  The interaction between the handyman and the host were always off the wall conversations and when the host got upset with the handyman and was about to start cursing, they used a great sound effect of the bleeping noise which transitioned into a “we are having difficulties” which caused for a smooth transition instead of a set and stone/copy and paste sound. Overall, this radio show was definitely awesome to listen to and I enjoyed how it wasn’t a usual idea and they went outside of the box on creating the show. The sound effects were never dry or didn’t sound like they didn’t belong. The compilation of sounds, talking, and all of the little aspects of the show was done in such manner that you wouldn’t know it all wasn’t happening at the same time.


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