When I started listening to the radio station, I was actually surprised at first because it was a young girl talking. I then caught onto what her and the radio host were talking about and it was her fascination with reading , her favorite books, and her not-so-favorite-never-wanting-to read type of books. The radio host made her seem as if she was the most important person in the world. The questions he asked her were detailed but simple enough for her to understand, and the passion and care in his voice told it all. When she started talking about her princess and fairy books being her favorite, the feelings she had described and the tone of her voice painted a picture in my head of a little girl with a room full of books and fairy and princess accents. The connection her and the radio host had was as if they were family.
As a 6 year old, which was mentioned several times during the show, she amazed me on how in depth she went with her books and what they are about and her passion for them. She also mentioned reading magic tree house books; she talked about how they have choices on pages throughout the book that you can decide which “path” you want to take and it’ll bring you to a different part in the book for a different event in the story. Each decision made has a different outcome of events for the story. I absolutely loved listening to them with little segments of music in between their talks, which gave it a little break and switched things up so it wasn’t constant talking. Definitely a great experience with ds106radio, minus the fact that I didn’t see my tweet didn’t go through until about an hour ago, so I had to redo a tweet even though it wasn’t during the time I was listening to ds106radio.

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