1. Learning about Audio Storytelling

In a nutshell, I learn in the videos of Ira Glass’ Part 1 and Part 2 to erase my memory of anything high school has taught me about storytelling. Storytelling needs to major parts: the events that build off each other and leads to a powerful ending as well as the reflective point. While telling a story, you do not want anything to be predictable as that will kill the ending and the point where the reader or listener is to reflect on why they were watching/listening in the first place. Also, act like yourself while on the radio, being anyone you aren’t is overrated and the person you are trying to impersonate is already famous for a reason. Now it’s your turn!

During Jad Abumrad’s video, the absence of pictures enables room for imagination. As a listener and a radio host are engaging in conversation, they have a bond or connection that is between them. The 2 tend to work together to create a story by building off each other’s thoughts and ideas to create one big picture. That was Abrumrad’s idea of how radio shows create co-authorship.

2. Listening to Radio Stories

The radio stories I listened to enlightened me on why storytellers use certain techniques. The way repetition was used made me remember those points or thoughts more than any other part in the story. That is a good way to get the attention of the listener, especially if it is something being advertised or anything along those lines. Also using the same words just in different phrases also caught my attention. That was another way I caught on quicker to what was going on in the story and/or what is going to happen further out in the story. (I need more work on identifying techniques used, so I have been using Google and YouTube to learn more about the different techniques).

3. My Radio Experience

I learned a lot just from the hours of listening to ds106radio. Although there was music and talking it was definitely a good time. I heard more repetition used today as I did in the other radio stories, and as Abumrad had mentioned in his video, I realized the connection he talks about that the host has with its guest speaker(s). The host and the 6 year old girl sounded as if they were family by the way she was so comfortable talking with him and he made her seem as she was the most important person on the radio.

4. Audio Assignments (6 starts total)

Greatest Hits Storytelling

Create a Story of Lyrics

With those assignments, I learned a lot more tricks with Audacity. I learned how to cut parts of songs out and paste them in different places of the audio to create a different look on the story. I also learned to use the effects in Audacity to increase/decrease the speed of the clips. I chose the assignments with music because music plays a great part in my life, and being able to incorporate a piece of me into my assignments make them more fun and meaningful to myself.

5. Daily Creates

Creating a poem with the first letter of each line a “s” or “z”

Softball poem

Take a photo of a stranger; get to know them


Show a feeling with a drawing


Missed national pet day? I don’t think so

Zeke Collage

6. Comments to and from others:

This week I tried to give constructive criticism as I was giving the usual positive feedback as I always do. After writing up my weekly summary last week, I realized that even if I get a comment that says I can work on something or if something is missing, that is something I can improve on. I would rather get comments with ways to improve than always positive. That is why I changed my view this week on commenting on others work. I hope my classmates don’t take it in a bad way, but I know everyone can improve in some aspects and I feel as if maybe one comment can change the way they think about things as that one comment did for me, than they can do the same for others! I did learn some new stuff about audacity from a classmates work this week. I was not aware that you could make a song go in reverse, but from Alicia’s Reverse Audio Quiz write-up exactly how I can do that. Also, her blog post was always where I learned about the effects button which helped me out on choosing a second assignment from the audio bank.

7. Questions? Concerns? Or Just My Comments!

This week I had a couple of concerns when it came to listening to the audio stories. I was not able to get them to play from where the links were on the week 4 blog. It took me quite some time to find another place online to stream the stories from although I did eventually find it! (May have just been my computer, not too sure). I really enjoyed starting up with Audacity, and learning some of the basics and getting a little more in depth of the different effects that it had. I am still learning about the audio storytelling techniques because I wasn’t completely comfortable even after looking over the links on the week 4 post, on how and why some are used. Slowly but surely, this class is getting me out of just going online to check my email, the latest news, Pinterest, or Instagram. I am actually even bragging to my mom and boyfriend about the cool things I can do with media now!


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