Where Are They Now?

4 Stars
Video Assignment

To complete my final project I chose to do a video of pictures and other video clips of who and what Brooke Davis has made of herself from the time she started filming the first episode of One Tree Hill, to the made up afterlife of Brooke after the finale of One Tree Hill was aired. I chose video clips that highlighted important, life changing and memorable times throughout her life. I wanted it to show the type of person Brooke Davis is, and threw a quote in there stating “Behind every successful woman is herself” because it seems that fits her perfectly. She never gave up as her character in One Tree Hill, with her love life, schooling, cheerleading and clothing line. This quote took her where she got invited to the biggest fashion show ever, New York Fashion Week. She is the reason she became as successful as I made her turn out after the show.

I used Freemake video converter to create this video from the pictures and videos I decided to use. I added each and every picture/video I wanted to use first, then I made sure the option to join files together was “on” so that I could transform everything into one video and have good transitioning as well. I also used the editing button to cut out the parts of the videos I chose, to just the minutes or seconds I wanted that showed off Brooke and who she was. After all the editing was complete, I went to the top toolbar and clicked convert, and chose the option Mp4 and chose okay, which automatically converts this video to a video that can be opened up with any software and save to my computer.


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