Final Summary!

Oh Ds106, this has been a memorable semester for sure. I have learned so much coming out of just this one class, and I can honestly say this class has taught me more of what I will be using in the real world than almost any other class I have taken throughout the years at UMW. I have become more confident in myself creating videos, creating audio, and coming together as a group (of people whom I have never met before) and creating a product that we should all be extremely proud of ourselves. I have come out of my comfort zone numerous times this semester, and oddly enough this class had taught me to do so outside of school, which I find to be pretty amazing.

 This week especially has been extremely fun. I got to take a character that I have watched over 9 seasons of One Tree Hill and always wondered to myself if the show were still on today, what would Brooke Davis still be doing? Where would should be in her life? And with this class, I got the chance to create that myself, which was memorable to say the least. Mrs. Polack, you have been an amazing teacher and so helpful throughout all the assignments, obstacles, questions and concerns. You never failed to give clear direction on what you wanted from us, yet gave all of us the opportunity to do our best. Ds106 storytelling is by far my favorite class at UMW, and I will definitely take everything I learned and use it, probably almost daily, as the semester comes to an end.

Love in Three Frames – Visual Assignment

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up – Design Assignment

You’re Invited – Design Assignment

Website Banner – Design Assignment

Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest – Web Assignment

Music Mash – Mashup Assignment

Where Are They Now? – Video Assignment

Total Stars – 23 Stars!

My Final Project For Ds106 🙂


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