Becoming a Better Photographer

Working with Contrast

 I felt as if I used the lighting in the garage to my advantage in the shadow photo in the PhotoBlitz challenge. I created a scene where the lighting as just enough so you could make out the shadow, but not so bright that no shadow could be seen at all. I also felt as if I put to objects that typically wouldn’t go together to make a unique shadow. The objects were actually myself and a hanging picture from across the garage and I covered up a few holes in the picture to make it look like a pumpkin-person.

Aviary Photo_130559863341882962

Using Different Lighting

 This picture was actually a spur of the moment shot. My mom, sister and I were in the car driving to Maryland tonight, and the sun was setting, and I decided to take a picture of it. The first picture didn’t come out so hot, but then as we kept driving I found myself at an angle where the light was aimed just right in the camera and I could get the picture to actually look like a sunset and not just a yellow blob. I found as if the picture turned out more amazing then I was planning for, and the light helped the outcome a lot.


Changing Perspective
Another photo I took in the PhotoBlitz challenge was one of someone else’s hand or paw. Well I did not upload this and put it in the blog for that assignment, but I did take this picture in a different way than I would have before I read the excerpt on How to Be a Better Photographer. Since there was more than one person in the room when I was completing this challenge, I decided to take a picture of everyone’s hand. I ended up taking the picture from the ground up and having each of them place their hands in a different way so the picture had a little character, more than just flat hands. I liked this one, but I definitely don’t think it was one of my best. And this is an aspect of photography I would like to work on more as the semester goes on.



3 responses »

  1. Jeff says:

    The sun really pops on that sunset photo. I bet you can crop the heck out of that and lose the car dashboard to clean it up a little. It’s gorgeous though!


  2. Kailey says:

    I crazy love your pictures. The pumpkin one is SO cool–I literally thought you found a giant pumpkin head costume or something, but you were just hanging up a picture. That’s so creative.

    The sunset is lovely–I love how the light and clouds swirl outward.

    The hands are a super cool perspective, too.

    What type of camera did you use, and how did you round/square off the edges of your pics? Did you edit them that way, or did you code them to do that?

    Excited to work with you these next few weeks in our Radio group! (:


    • aengels9 says:

      Kailey, for the pumpkin picture and the hands picture I used my go pro! The sunset was just taken with my cellphone when I was riding in the car the other night! And I actually didn’t notice the edges of them, they just happened to be that way! Cannot wait for our group work either!


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