For the Apophenia assignment I thought of using something, well, unusual? This may be weird, nasty, and not normal, but I had been talking with my family about what I had to do for this assignment, and my grandmother had the idea of using her dentures. Well we all laughed for a good ten minutes, and then I thought to myself…well, what the hell? Going outside of the box and using an object I don’t think anyone else will, might be interesting. And no I never touched them AT ALL. Gross.

           I took the original picture and had my grandmother hold them open because I felt as if I could think of more pictures to create that way. After snapping the picture, I uploaded it to my computer and opened it up in paint. That is where I became an artist…for the time being (and saying I was an artist is definitely an exaggeration).
           For each of the pictures I created from the original picture of the dentures, I thought of an idea in my head and then found a picture on google of what I wanted to create as a cartoon-ish smiling picture. After thinking of the first idea, the frog, I decided to draw a monkey as well. Then to make things funny I drew the banana man with the teeth just to make the assignment fun and different than what I would usually do. And for the last picture, I remembered the wind-up teeth toy, and definitely knew I needed to try and draw that out on paint as well! Here are the final products below with the links to the images I found on google that I wanted to resemble while painting the pictures on Paint!

Smiling Frog!

 Monkey Showing It’s Teeth!

Smiling Banana Man!

Giant Teeth Wind-Up Man!


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  1. Hope Racine says:

    This is kind of disturbing but very well done! Really creative use of the mouth, I would have never thought of that!


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