My favorite song in a picture:


My favorite song is Kick It in the Sticks by Brantley Gilbert. The picture above represents what my weekend usually consists of: bonfires, friends, family and fun. Hearing this song makes me think it is the theme song to my life. Even if you aren’t a fan of country music, I would suggest listening to this song because of it’s upbeat tempo!

Un-cropped road sign:


Well I chose this sign to make a detailed picture of for a few reasons. One, I hadn’t seen anyone use this sign and I wanted to me unique and not use what someone else used. Also, since I was a kid, I was always flying for softball tournaments and to see family. Planes are something I have always loved, and hope to one day continue traveling to see many more places.

What is playing on the radio:

This clip was from 98.7 WMZQ during The Bobby Bones morning show. This is a radio show I listen to every morning, especially on my way to school considering its a 35-40 minute ride to school. Each person on this show participates and relates to their listeners. They are extremely funny but can also be serious and life-changing.


Noise pollution:

This sound clip was an interesting one. There could have been a million of things I could have recorded today, but for once in the last two weeks I had a period of relaxing time where I sat in my backyard and just listened to the waterfall enjoying the beautiful weather. Usually, I would was a clip of upbeat, every noise that I experience in the matter of 5 minutes, but something serene and calming seemed to work just right for me today.


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  1. Hope Racine says:

    Your daily creates are all so creative! I like the waterfall one especially- I might just listen to it on repeat to relax me while working on DS106 today.


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