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Thoughts and feelings thus far…

                Although I thought I had a decent amount of knowledge when it came to photography and tips and tricks for photography, I was wrong. I read a lot into each aspect in the How to Be a Better Photographer section of this week’s blog. As I am a fan of taking pictures everywhere I go, I wanted to learn how to make my pictures better, more interesting. I learned that lighting can and will be your best friend when taking pictures. The way the light hits the subject of the picture of reflects off of the subject makes a big difference. Good light = good pictures. Another aspect that I learned a lot about was how better contrast makes better stories. I learned this in a lot of pictures I took this week, not all of which I posted online, but just experimenting as well. Before this week, I wasn’t a fan of putting objects in pictures that don’t belong together because to me, it seemed out of place and awkward. But now, two things that don’t belong together can make a picture unique … Even making some question whether it is even a picture or not? Creating contrast within the picture can be done by changing the lighting or putting dark colors, light colors, bright colors, dull colors, or even opposite colors together.

                Editing photos is another point I touched on this week. With almost every picture I took, I played around with Aviary Photo Editor and tweaked with the saturation, sharpness, effects, warmth, splash of color and contrast. I learned what pictures or objects look good in certain frames and saturation. Even though black and white pictures are always eye-catching, as I played around with Aviary, I came to find that most pictures need to have the color and the character to show off what the picture is supposed to be saying to the viewer.

                Even after the first two days of this week, I start looking at everyday objects differently. I look at them in more depth. I try and create pictures in my head of things I see and how they would work together or wouldn’t work together. Using my head to take pictures as I go through the day helps me work on different criteria of being a photographer. I am still trying to learn more about balance in photos and all of the different camera lenses. I have had many cameras through the years, but after taking this class, I feel like I want to invest in an actual professional camera that has all the lenses I continue to learn about. Being able to capture pictures that I see nowadays on the computer or on TV is my goal 2 years down the road.

To visually tell a story, I feel as if it needs to have character and if it is a picture, I think the picture needs to speak to the viewer without needing a caption to explain it. When I tell a story visually, I don’t want the viewer to have any questions or confusion about what I want the story to be, I want them to know just by looking at the picture or pictures. I know being picky about what my camera captures is a big point I need to grab ahold of. Taking a million pictures hoping to get that one good one to show everyone isn’t okay to me anymore. I want to take 10 pictures and have them all be the ones I want to show off to people.


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