My Favorite Lyric

Favorite Lyrics

For this assignment, I chose the song “The World” – by Brad Paisley because when my boyfriend, Chris, and I were in the car during the first weeks we started dating, three and a half years ago, this song came on. He started singing along, and being the person I am, I sang along as well but listened and thought about the lyrics as the song went on. The words that completely stuck out and stuck in my head were “you think you’re one in millions, but you are one in a million to me”. At that point I was blushing, and could only think about Chris. Although we had just started dating, I had a gut feeling there was something about him, and when those words processed in my head, that is exactly how I felt. There a millions of people in the world, so why me? Now, every time I hear that song, the only thing that comes to mind is the first time we heard it in the car together, and it brings back millions of butterflies. Below I have the lyrics to the entire song if you’d like to have a look!

Brad Paisley


To create this assignment, I started out choosing the lyrics, which definitely came quick to me considering the “lovey” mood I was in. I then thought about a picture setting that would fit perfectly with the lyrics, and my first thought was a wedding. The perfect part for the lyrics to me was when the newlyweds are engaging in their first dance, because you can see all of the love in their actions and emotions. They make it seem like they are the only people in the world at that moment. I found hundreds of pictures, but one stuck out to me, a black and white photo of a couple in the center of their circle of friends and family. I copied that picture, and then pasted into Paint. It was already a good size so I did not need to resize it. To add the lyrics to the photo, I clicked the textbox button on the top of the toolbar, and opened it on the picture where I wanted the lyrics to be located. I typed in the lyrics and contemplated about the color the words should be for a good five minutes. I decided to choose black and white because I wanted the picture to have a “soft” vibe to it, and leaving everything black and white seems as if it would achieve that. Before clicking outside of the textbox to see what the finished product would look like, I made the transparent link on the toolbar was clicked so the lyrics just sat on top of the picture, using the picture as the background. To decide what font I wanted to use, I selected all of the text and went through each and every font option, and found the one I liked the most. After completing the final details of the font, font color and font size I clicked outside of the text box to see how it looked. I am perfectly happy with how it came out. I finished the assignment by saving it and uploading it to flckr!

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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    Great write up about the back story and the description with the pictures make it easy to follow your process. Just add a link back to the original assignment.


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