Acrostic Picture

For the second Visual Assignment, I chose to create an Acrostic Picture. To start the project I made a list of all of the things I liked that started with all of the letters in my name. I searched on Flickr for all of the pictures and narrowed it down to the pictures I liked best: apples, softball, headphones (music), lightning bugs, eyelashes (false), ice cream, goldfish crackers and Halloween. I then used those as the picture for each letter in my name. I opened up an app that I had downloaded on my HP laptop called El Collagero and inserted the 8 pictures I chose into each space. I picked the layout that was an open 8 picture layout, and after inserting the pictures into each spot, I changed the shape of them into flower-like shapes. I arranged the pictures in way to spell out my name with four pictures on the top row (first four letters) and four pictures on the bottom row (last four letters). I saved the completed collage, and then opened it up in PowerPoint. That was where I added all of the headers to each photo. I was going to underline each beginning letter, but I did not want to make it that easy on figuring out what my name was (even though it is all over my blog and twitter!).

A quick reasoning on why I chose each picture.

  • Apple – Favorite fruit!
  • Softball – Favorite sport, played it for 15 years J
  • Headphones – I love listening to music and chance I get!
  • Lightning bugs – represent summertime, and as a kid I loved going out at night to catch them in a mason jar and watch them glow!
  • Eyelashes (False) – When I go out or decide to get all dolled up, these are a must!
  • Ice cream – well, who doesn’t like ice cream?
  • Goldfish – A snack time favorite and when I was a teacher assistant in a kindergarten class we used these for math exercises all of the time and the students loved them!
  • Halloween – An awesome holiday and I love baking all kinds of goodies for this holiday!

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  1. This assignment was one that I passed up. Because my name is Amanda and it would really repetitive. You made this really cool though. I like the formatting of the picture. I will have to look up that app for sure. Was it easy to use? I also like how you gave a backstory to the reason why you chose each picture.


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