The New Addition to My Flickr 🙂
So for nearly the last hour I have been googling how to embed the whole set to my blog so that it isn’t just the link…Well that was a seriously fail. I tried the following sites:

Flickr Slidr



and I fell short with both of them. I also tried using tutorial sites, and nothing. I will be trying to fix it throughout this week, hopefully it’ll work at some point!

Well before this week had even started, not knowing too much about Flickr, I had already created a set (album) with my softball pictures in it. So I retraced my steps on how I made that one, and created a new one that is called Pictures Worth a Second Look as my set of what I would like to think of as my best pictures. Half of the photos are my softball pictures, and I felt as if they belonged in the set because they descried one action (one pitch) but in five different photos; pictures of those who tell one action or story are pretty interesting to me. I also have three pictures that deal with the ocean, water, lake, or fishing because if there was any other place I could be, it would definitely be near water and in the sun. The way I angled the camera for the lake picture was also different for me because I wanted to make it not look like a usual “I am at the lake picture” which I think I achieved. Over the course of the remaining weeks of this class, I will be adding pictures I feel are worthy enough to have a second look at them. I am going to start using my camera in different ways to create different types of photos, angles and perspectives. I want people to look at my pictures and have to think about them a little to wonder how I got the picture that certain way or what I did to get the lighting perfect for that picture. I want my pictures to spark the imagination of others to see what they think of them.


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  1. Great job, you need to install slickr flickr plugin and then you go to to see how to setup. Once it is all set up something like [slickr-flickr type=”slideshow” items=”25″ captions=”off” size = “small” start = “random”] would create a slideshow in your blogpost if entered under the text tab instead of the visual tab. This shows 25 photos not particular to any albums. Come see me if you need more help


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