What is Remix?

I had a short conversation with my sister on what I thought about the words remix and mash up. The reason it didn’t last that long was because to me, everything is a remix and/or a mash up. She even had asked a great question about my boyfriend Chris working on cars and if I would consider a car either a remix or a mash up which I would. Like I said, everything in my eyes is a remix of something else or mash of two or more things. A car, is just a bunch of metal parts, nuts and bolts put together to create a bigger product, which is a mash up to me.

The first example I watched was of the Star Wars Call Me Maybe, and I found it hilarious first and foremost. This would be put under the definition of a mash up in my opinion because the artist took words from both Star Wars and the song Call Me Maybe and made it into a new song intertwining them both. If I were to have done this, I probably would have gotten frustrated within the first 5 minutes of mashing every other couple of words together to create a new song! But kudos to the artist for sure!

Another video I watched was Down On Me and this had my on the floor laughing so hard. This little kid was the cutest! I am not sure if I would call this a remix or a mash up or both, because it’s mashing him lip syncing the song but remixing it when 50 Cent actually comes into the video to rap with him in the video. I am not sure how much this kid really knew or knows about the song as he was trying to sing it, but the remix of the original version of this song and having him add his own twist to it created an awesome remix/mash up.

Nowadays, it seems harder to for song writers to remix other musicians songs without the other taking offense or without legal issues getting in the way. Although I know of a lot of country songs that have been remade from other artists over the years and I am not sure how that necessarily works legal wise, but I am sure permission is requested from the new artist to the old artist for rights to that specific song and other rules or guidelines as well.


The New Creation of Mine

Vine It Then Combine It!


I created a new assignment this week and was definitely more on the excited side to complete it. My assignment was a Mashup Assignment in favor of our main topics of these past two weeks assignments (remixes and mash ups). The goal of the assignment was to create 2 or more Vine videos using the Vine App, on your phone, tablet (or whatever you choose) and after those videos are made, combine them using any editing software to create one complete video of them all. I thought this would be kind of interesting considering Vine videos can only be 6 seconds or less and have videos of no longer than 6 seconds all combined into one video would be very interesting to say the least.

For starters, I used the Vine app on my phone to make the videos, and I chose to take multiple videos of what all went on during my day today! It was a very hectic day considering I walked outside this morning and it was raining, then continued my morning to go and tan. After tanning and going to my house the rain turned into snow, so as the first snowfall of the season, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get it on camera! That concluded my first video, as I created my second video it was of me arriving at work, then taking a break and going back into work (where it was nothing shy of a hectic day at the pharmacy). Finally my last video was of me finally getting home around 8 tonight, and going straight into doing my ds106 homework before I go out of town tomorrow night!

After my three videos were created, I sent them to my email and saved them onto my computer. I opened them up using the Freemake Video Converter application and started combining the videos into one solid video. I first clicked on add videos, and clicked on the 3 Vine videos I previously recorded and opened them up into the application. I then made sure the “join files” option was on, which makes them all into one video and not just three separate videos as they were before. Another option I made sure was on was the “fade transition” because I wanted the three videos to flow nicely within the one solid video instead of just video, after video, after video. Then I clicked the edit buttons just to make sure everything was set up and placed where I wanted it to be and clicked ok. Finally to save it, I clicked on the “convert” tab on the top toolbar and chose convert to Mp4 which allows the video to be opened in any software, website, etc.


I wasn’t originally going to create a Mashup Assignment, I was going to stay safe and create a photo assignment, but I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. This class has taught me a lot of that actually, I have done many more things than I am actually comfortable with and I am glad I was given the opportunity to do so. Anywho, one of the assignments I had done prior had inspired me to use Vine as part of this new assignment, and then I added the extra part of adding them all together as one video to give it the “Mashup” title.

A little How-to on switching up the mood

Here is how to switch up the mood…

Here is a quick and easy way to complete the Switch Up The Mood visual assignment! I used an existing photo I had saved onto my computer just to use as an example, but use any picture you already have or take a new picture of anything to use for this assignment!

I opened up the photo editor Fotor which actually does a variety of things, not only edits photos but you can create collages and slideshows with this editor as well! Anywho, I opened up the editor and chose the picture I wanted to edit and it takes you to this screen:


Once you arrive at this screen, towards the right hand side of the screen, as you can see there are tons of options on how to edit this photo. I went into the effects section of the editor



And started tooling around with all of the different options, from artistic, to black and white, to lomo, or even the good ole’ classic option, Within each of those options, there are even further in depth options within that category. Below are two example of changing the original photo to an option under black and white and a vintage option.

Av3 Av4

You also can change your photo into a little more artsy photo and add a border if you’d like!


I wouldn’t limit yourself to only what you are comfortable with, but absolutely have fun with this one! Be creative, this is only one option of how to create this assignment, but again don’t limit yourself, I would even experiment with one or two other photo editors to see what final mood changing photos you can come up with! Good luck!

Your 10 seconds is really my 13 seconds

10 Second Song Mashup – 3 Stars

For my final mashup assignment, I chose to create a mashup of 5 songs which all lasted between 2-3 seconds. I chose this assignment because music is a huge part of my life. I am one of those people that music motivates, not only to get things done at that point in time, but also throughout life and my goals and dreams. I can relate to the music I listen to, which is one reason I love country music so much.

To start this assignment, I thought about what songs I wanted to use, and I came up with the list of songs I wanted to use. For some reason I wanted to change out the male and female artists every other song, not too sure if there was rhyme or reason for it, but I definitely just felt it would sound better, or more different and hopefully people can figure the songs out easier!

I used two different applications for my creation, YouTube and Audacity. I opened up Audacity which is the software I used to record each 2-3 second clip of the different songs and I used YouTube to stream them while recording. I opened up each YouTube video in a separate window so I each song ready to go when I needed to add it to my mashup of songs. To start the recording I would hit the red record button on the toolbar at the top, and to stop recording after the certain time (2-3 seconds) I hit the square stop button.

RecordS1 RecordS2

After doing so for the first song, I repeated those steps for the following four songs. The recordings just added to the end of the previous recording, so there was not any editing needed after the clips were recorded. To save it to my computer, I had to export it which converted the file to a Mp4 which is capable with any program/software.

Now, its your chance to guess which songs I used to create this Mashup Sound! 🙂

Mashing Up Some Teams


3 Stars

For my second Mashup Assignment, I chose to complete Your Favorite Teams Mashup. I am a huge sports fan and have been pretty much since I was born. I grew up with my whole family being into all different sports, but some are my favorite to watch are football and hockey, but I love playing softball. Well for this assignment, I chose my 3 favorite teams, two in football and one in hockey. I chose to mash up the Washington Capitals Logo, the Washington Redskins logo as well as the South Carolina Gamecocks mascot.

           To mix these all together in one “flowing” picture or logo was pretty simple. I found each logo and mascot picture on google and made sure each picture had a transparent background in order to make the overlapping of each a little easier on me.

            After I found the perfect pictures, I opened up MS Paint, and first opened up the Gamecocks mascot picture to start as the bottom layer of the picture. I then inserted the Redskins Indian into the picture to lie on top of the mascot as the head, except I rotated it to face the other way so the head was in the same direction as the body was. After adding the head to my creation, I added the Capitals Eagle to top it all off as if it were carrying the mascot.


            It may not be the most pretty logo/icon, but I definitely thought it was cute and worked well for what I was aiming for (never said I was Picasso ;)). I think a cool way to make this assignment even more “remixed” would be making it as a GIF or making it come alive in some sort of way. If I had the time this week, I would’ve done so to give my creation a little more pizazz, but unfortunately I had a lot going on so I stuck to what the assignments goals were and that was it.

The beginning and end of Brooke Davis

A Changing Character – 4.5 Stars

For my first mashup assignment, I decided to give A Changing Character a shot. 9 seasons of One Tree Hill came and went, in which I watched every single episode of each season, and now it is all over with. My favorite character through the entire show was Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush). Over the entire series, she transformed from a young, didn’t care a whole lot, spoiled, flirtatious, cheerleader, into a business owner, independent, mother and wife, as well as a genuinely kind woman. Another reason I chose to show how she changed throughout the series is because I thought she had grown the most from a totally different person as she was in season 1, episode 1.

In order to get the video clips of Brooke Davis throughout the One Tree Hill series, I used YouTube to search for good slips which I thought represented her. I got a clip from each one of the seasons to give it the bit more oomph I thought it needed to show her stages of growth through it all. To download and save each clip from YouTube to my computer, I used a website called SaveFrom which takes each YouTube videos and converts them into a Mp4 and saves it to my computer.

After having all the videos I wanted to use, I found on picture of Brooke Davis that was memorable for me because it was during the season where she was beginning to realize that she needed to change and get her life going in the right directed, so it is a picture of her standing in front of an overhead projector of words that people use to destroy others. That is when she realized she couldn’t be the person to knock people down, nor not care about them.

To convert all the videos to my own video of Brooke Davis, I used FreeMake Video Converter and uploaded each video to the template as well as the picture I set as the beginning of my video which brought me to where all the editing can be done.


I went through the videos, and cut only the selections of each video that I wanted because I didn’t want my final product be an entire movie that bored you to death for an hour. I cut the clips down to where it was mostly just showing Brooke Davis and her ways, which ultimately brought the time of the video down to roughly 7 minutes (which I felt was reasonable considering the overall time span of growth I was showing with the changing of Brooke Davis).


After I was happy with the length and transitioning of the videos and picture, I clicked on the convert button on the top toolbar, and converted it to a Mp4 and saved it to my computer.

This assignment was a lot of fun, time consuming, but still a lot of fun. I got to re-watch shows and parts of One Tree Hill I absolutely loved, which makes me want to watch the series all over again (if only I had the time for 9 seasons, ha!).

Let’s try a remix of 10 seconds of Thanks!

10 Seconds of Thanks [Remixed]: Media Bender

The original assignment was to set a timer for 10 seconds and write a list of everything you are thankful for until the timer stops. Then you were to share it on some media page where others could comment. Well a bonus to this assignment was another 10 second challenge, of drawing yourself! Another twist which was thrown at me was to use a  previous ds106 students’ work and remix their creation. I came across the Kennesaw State University English 3421 Blog where I read the 10 seconds of Thanks – Reining which was written by the user “attackturtle”. Instead of creating a 10-second list of things I am thankful of, I took their list, and remixed it into a picture video of all the things that were written down. I added my own little twist to it by using my own pictures but with what that person had written down of what they were thankful of.

 For the 10-second bonus photo of myself, I went on paint and created an oh-so creative picture of myself holding up a sign and saved it to use at the end of my video! For the creation of my picture video, I used the software FreeMake Video Converter where I added the 9 pictures that gave an image to each thing “attackturtle” was thankful for in their 10-seconds of writing, as well as the fabulous drawing of myself in MS Paint. After completing the video, I converted it to an Mp4 which I was able to do inside the Freemake Video Converter Software using the convert button which automatically saved it to my computer.

My whole goal was to complete this remixed assignment by adding video to it instead of just a write-up. Then for the fun of it, I wanted to personalize the video while using “attackturtle’s” list to make it original!

Popcorn isn’t always a good thing….

Where Should Alan Go On Vacation?

…Not anywhere with popcorn, that is for certain!

When I think of popcorn, I think of a delicious snack, especially one of which is extremely tasty during a movie. Well, my thoughts of popcorn right now have gone completely downhill. Mozilla Popcorn Maker is one of the worst tools I have had to use, and I don’t use the term “worst” in a lightly manner. I spent 3 hours just remixing this 3 minute video. I ended up exiting out of it and redoing about 10 times, and that is an accurate count of attempts.

Finding the pictures and videos were the fun aspect of this assignment, hey at least some part of it was fun, right?! For the first picture of a ds106 assignment Alan was looking at, I decided to use a GIF of SpongeBob acting crazy, because that is exactly how I felt doing this assignment. For the music, I chose the song “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band since the destination was going to be Myrtle Beach, I felt that song would fit just perfectly with the beach theme.

As I was instructed, I included a map and a Wikipedia article of Myrtle Beach for the next clips. The twitter search I used was about Myrtle Beach attractions, because if you are planning a vacation, why not find some fun things to do?! And while he was opening his drawer, I placed a camera at the bottom because while on a vacation of any kind, there is always pictures that need to be taken. Then came the page where I entered my name and the grade I received in the class, which was an “A” (hoping that is what comes out of this class at the end!). I also added a little side note saying what an excellent job I had done. (Being a little big-headed? Maybe, but I needed to add something considering I don’t think I did a swell job on this assignment). After the grades were put up, the last thing was packing the suitcase, and I made sure he didn’t forget his Ipad, which I am sure he can’t go anywhere without!

The final video I posted was a 30 second YouTube video of actually being in a hotel room looking up and down the beach of Myrtle Beach itself, with families coming together and the sounds of kids playing together.

I would love to give myself the full credit for trying my absolute hardest on this assignment, but as an over-achiever and a perfectionist, I definitely found myself getting beyond frustrated that I couldn’t get this video lined up, matching the seconds to a T. I may end up coming back to try and edit this remixed video sometime before the next two weeks is over, but as of now, I am frustrated with how hard this seems to me. So until then, my final product can be seen below; and I give everyone THE UPMOST RESPECT who found this application easy to use and remix Alan’s Vacation with!


Another 2 Weeks Have Passed, 11 & 12 :)

Week 11 & Week 12 Come Together As One

Have a Conversation With Yourself

Show Your Skills

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

The Hangover Assignment

I Am Me

Vine It

Daily Creates


These two weeks have definitely been the most challenging. Before learning any of the aspects of videos and recording, I didn’t think there was that much to it. The angle of the camera, the backgrounds, the noise levels, the perspectives, they all have a purpose and even the slightest change could ruin an entire scene. I have learned more in the last two weeks than in my life about movies. Thinking movie making was an easy process was a dumb thought of mine. Although I had plenty of challenges to overcome while I completed the assignments, I had fun doing them. I learned how to express myself in more than just words or me talking about myself, but through pictures and videos. I learned how to overlay videos to make them into one free flowing video as if were recorded as one. I was never a video person, always a picture taking person, but I have come to like…not love making videos. I also learned that videos never can get recorded in just one chance, it takes tons of time and effort which I wasn’t aware of before these two weeks. Each assignment required 10+ recordings just to get it good enough for my liking, definitely not top notch as if it were a movie for the world to see.

Who likes talking to themselves?

Have A Conversation With Yourself – 5 stars

Can I just say, out of all the assignments I have done this semester for ds106, I came super close to HATING this assignment. I worked on this the entire day today, not knowing how to convert the video into one whole video with the overlaying of me talking. I searched Google and YouTube for hours to figure how to do this. I tried overlaying the two videos I recorded of myself in Windows Movie Maker, that was a fail beyond belief. I then noticed Justin Hempe’s creation.  I took his advice, or at least downloaded the video editing software he used, Camtasia. After playing around with the software I finally figured out how to overlay the two videos….still was not easy and took me about an hour to make it even close to being presentable.


I imported both videos of me talking into the software and then added them as separate tracks. After doing so, I selected both videos and right clicked and chose the option group together so they would overlap. After overlapping the videos, I used the cropping tool in the top right hand corner of the software to crop each one of the two videos in half so that the one part of me was visible on the left and the other part of me on the right. After completing all the necessary cropping and overlapping, I hit file on the toolbar and clicked on produce and save in order for the video to be compatible with other applications as well as Vimeo, where I uploaded my video to.

For my conversation, I chose to talk about the Capitals game that I went to on Tuesday night. It was actually my first every hockey game, and in all honesty, that is not even how close to how excited I was when I found out I was going.  I chose to record it outside because I haven’t really done any videos outside and didn’t think many others would record their conversations outside considering the cold weather, so I wanted to be a little different.