Have A Conversation With Yourself – 5 stars

Can I just say, out of all the assignments I have done this semester for ds106, I came super close to HATING this assignment. I worked on this the entire day today, not knowing how to convert the video into one whole video with the overlaying of me talking. I searched Google and YouTube for hours to figure how to do this. I tried overlaying the two videos I recorded of myself in Windows Movie Maker, that was a fail beyond belief. I then noticed Justin Hempe’s creation.  I took his advice, or at least downloaded the video editing software he used, Camtasia. After playing around with the software I finally figured out how to overlay the two videos….still was not easy and took me about an hour to make it even close to being presentable.


I imported both videos of me talking into the software and then added them as separate tracks. After doing so, I selected both videos and right clicked and chose the option group together so they would overlap. After overlapping the videos, I used the cropping tool in the top right hand corner of the software to crop each one of the two videos in half so that the one part of me was visible on the left and the other part of me on the right. After completing all the necessary cropping and overlapping, I hit file on the toolbar and clicked on produce and save in order for the video to be compatible with other applications as well as Vimeo, where I uploaded my video to.

For my conversation, I chose to talk about the Capitals game that I went to on Tuesday night. It was actually my first every hockey game, and in all honesty, that is not even how close to how excited I was when I found out I was going.  I chose to record it outside because I haven’t really done any videos outside and didn’t think many others would record their conversations outside considering the cold weather, so I wanted to be a little different.


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