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Hampton’s Handyman Radio Show Review!

Pre-Production (Assignment Set-up)

Mary Hauntington Review

For the time and effort my group, DigiEagles, put into our radio show, I was very proud with how it turned out. We all cooperated and helped each other out when any of needed it, as well as took on roles for our group in order to get each task done. One thing I did think we could have done better was to have interacted in our show instead of each of us having our own separate parts (not saying it did not work out well or did not turn out well, because I definitely think it did). I just feel that after listening to my assigned show, Hampton’s Handyman, I loved all of the interaction they had and felt the flow of their radio show was perfect and couldn’t have been done any better. So in that aspect, I think we could have improved a little bit. I also am very appreciative of how each person in the group used different sound effects, voices, and scary music. The transition of the parts we did was also done great, thanks to Hope and her editing skills! Overall, I wouldn’t have any regrets about it because I think our radio show was unique and a great theme, especially for it being live one night before Halloween!

 Bring on Week 11…

As far as editing tools I have, I don’t think I have any that I am aware of at least except for when I downloaded MPEG Streamclip this week. I am only a little familiar with the editor, due to watching YouTube videos to help me with the completion of one assignment this week. But other than that editor, I do not have any to use. I am up for downloading editing tools, I just don’t know of any. I started off this week not being comfortable about anything dealing with videos and especially reading videos. I am the one who will watch them, either like them or hate them, and be on my way. So, learning some of the techniques used to make videos with the angle of the camera or the position of the person was intriguing and I would never have guess things such as a person on the right was more dominant than the left, or having the angle of the camera below the eye line will enhance the character.

I also looked over the Tools for Trade and Video Guide to review some of the references I will need to use over the next couple of weeks that deal with video and editing. I am looking forward to the editing process because I am by no means good right now with anything video wise. So far, this class has shown me capabilities that I have, that I would have never known of before this class.


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