Week 9 Has Come and Gone…


My Daily Create story starts here! Although, for the 3 daily creates I did this week (I was going to do more, but I had a lot of things on my plate this week), they were all done on Flickr. I still created a story line, and each picture contains a hyperlink connecting it with the next picture of the story. My story them was winter time!


Create Your Own Assignment: Emoji This!
Create Your Own Tutorial: Your Favorite Lyric
Storytelling Within the Web: It’s the NFL Time of Year
Pinterest Dream Vacation: Pinterest Take Me There! 3 Stars
Color Walk Time Lines: Orange You Glad it’s Such a Beautiful Weekend? 5 Stars

          For starters, I felt a little on the not-so-smart side when trying to use X-Ray Goggles. That being said, I used it on my regular internet explorer, well tried to at least, and after 25 minutes realized I needed to download Mozilla. So about 30 minutes of my time was wasted on me not reading further into this week’s blog post and jumping into it because I was anxious to start. Well that being said, I definitely learned a lot about the web this week. Using the goggles, I learned about the coding of sites because I didn’t just use them when creating a new story from a site, but I went on random sites to use them just so I could see a lot of the different aspects that go into creating a website.

With the daily creates this week, I wish I could have done some amongst Flickr, SoundCloud and Vimeo, so I could create a story throughout all types of sites instead of just Flickr. But if I get the chance again, I will definitely pay more attention to the Daily Creates during the week so I can take that opportunity to expand my knowledge and creativity.

This week my creativity was definitely put to the test. I came out of my comfort zone thinking of a new assignment, and I use emojis when I text all the time, so I thought it would be funny and interesting to see if people would actually follow through with the assignment I created and took pictures of strangers replicating an emoji and writing their own captions for them. During my tutorial, I actually had already done this earlier in the semester for my favorite lyric assignment, so I just used that one and edited it a little to make it structurally sound and make it easy to follow. As a Pinterest Guru, I had tons of fun with the dream vacation assignment I chose, and just went to town and had pinned away to make my vacation a soon-to-be real vacation! My favorite assignment this week was the Color TimeLine. I had so much fun being able to enjoy the weather and take pictures and complete an assignment, as well as learning that just because it is close to Halloween time, definitely doesn’t mean seeing the color orange will be easy!

I was pretty bummed when our radio shows got pushed back to next week because I was super excited to listen to, not only our show, but everyone’s. As much as I dreaded going out of my comfort zone to record myself and use different tones of voices, with it all done I had fun doing it all, and coming together with my group and creating an outstanding Halloween-themed radio show for this time of year.


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