Color Walk Time Line


My reasoning for choosing this particular assignment for my last Web Assignment was due to the weather today. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I was already planning on going for either a walk or run once I got off of work, so I opted for the walk, and brought my dog along, and took pictures along the way! As I was preparing to walk out the door with my dog, Zeke, there is a dish of candy corn on the table and I started taking pictures then. Instantly, my color choice was orange! Him and I then went on a leisurely walk around my neighborhood for about an hour, and I stopped to take picture of the orange objects I saw. Thinking it being fall and around the time of Halloween, I thought seeing objects that were orange was going to be more common, I was completely wrong. There was definitely a lot more reds and yellows all over the place. I just knew I wasn’t going to do green, because to me, that would’ve been too easy; the grass, the trees, some leaves, etc. I wanted a challenge, and I definitely got that with the color orange!

Now after all my pictures were taken and I got home from the walk, I sent the pictures from my phone to my email and preceded to upload them to my Flickr Album just for this assignment. After uploading them, I went onto TimeLine JS. When on the site, I clicked on the “Make a Timeline Now” button. It took be down to number 1 on the page, was to create your spreadsheet, and under was the button “Google Spreadsheet Template” which I then clicked on. That took me to the Timeline JS Template and at the top of the page I clicked the “Use this Template” button. It opened up a google doc that I was able to edit and add all of my information.

StepbyStepOnce the given information is entered into the template, Click on File and publish to the web. Then make sure the box is checked where it says automatically republish when updates are made. Now click on Start Publishing.


Now you have a Color Timeline that includes your pictures and your information!


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