For Storytelling Within the Web I decided to change up a NFL news page that was initially talking good about the Cowboys, and was presenting the links to the other top ranked teams. I chose to do a site about the Cowboys, because I am a die-hard Washington Redskins fan, and although we aren’t doing well this season, I always stick behind my team. Now, I was presented with the chance to change anything on any site, so I decided to change everyone talking good about the Cowboys this season and how well they are doing, into how well the Redskins are doing! Now in all reality, I wish I didn’t have to change a website in order for me to say the Redskins are doing well this season, but it was definitely a fun experience using the X-Ray Goggles to change things up and make Redskins fans happy for the time being!

To start things out, I went on to the X-Ray Goggles Site and followed the steps on the right side of the page, which showed me how to put the “Activate X-Ray Goggles” widget onto the Toolbar of Mozilla. After adding the button to my toolbar, I started visiting different sites, and thought of doing something with sports. I then decided to visit the ESPN NFL site and found the article about the Cowboys and the top ranked teams.


Before I activated the goggles, this is what the webpage looked like before. Everything was about the Cowboys; the pictures the writing, everything. Then, I got ahold of the page and started changing things up a bit!

When I activated the goggles by clicking on the widget in the toolbar, everything I scrolled over had the option to change.


By clicking on the link, I then had the chance to change the information and pictures within that section.


After editing everything I wanted to change in that section I clicked save changes, and continued on within the entire webpage to edit it all. When I was satisfied with the pictures, information and titles of the page, which now spoke about the Washington Redskins and no longer the Cowboys, I went ahead and published the site by clicking on the “P” on the bottom right hand of the page.


When I published it, I was given a stand alone URL for my remixed page and that link can be seen here!


There is my final site of the Washington Redskins now being the best team in the league! (if only it was true, right?)


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