My Pinterest Dream Vacation

St thomas
 St. Thomas

My dream getaway would be to spend my days on the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. This vacation will not only be possible, but I am going to make it possible. Whether it is just a vacation for me or my family, or even one day for a honeymoon… it will happen. This has been a dream of mine for a while due to the amazing feedback I have gotten from my grandparents when they have visited numerous times and have encouraged me to make it happen one day. All of the pictures and stories they have from their trips to the island are overwhelmingly pleasant. It seems like a beautiful island to travel to, and as my grandparents have told me, the people on the island are all amazingly kind and generous.

I will make sure I work every day in a job that I love to save up for the money I would need for this trip. A round trip flight costs anywhere between $400-$600 depending on the airline and timing according to the Fights on Google tab. A guest room at the Frenchman’s Reef runs $199 a night, so for a 2 week vacation, I would need roughly $3000 (definitely a lot of working to do be done to save up!). No passport is needed because St. Thomas is part of the Virgin Islands, which is part of the United States. Therefore shots and visas are not necessary for this getaway to happen. One thing I would need to get used to while visiting would be to drive on the left side of the road. As St. Thomas is part of the Virgin Islands, they are the only place under the US jurisdiction where driving on the left is the rule of the road. English is the main language of the land, although Spanish and several French creole languages are often spoken due to the large range of immigrants from across the Caribbean.

Since I already had a Pinterest, I simply added a new board to my collection called “My Getaway to St. Thomas”. I then searched specific keywords within Pinterest such as: St. Thomas, Things to do in St. Thomas, Places to eat in St. Thomas and places to see in St. Thomas. As I found pins that caught my attention, I opened the pin up and clicked “Pin to” and chose the board reading “My Getaway to St. Thomas”. All of the pins that I added to my board, I plan on making them reality someday.


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