At first, we communicated through email and through text which we came up with a theme and our team logo for DigiEagles and our haunted radio show theme. It did not take us long at all for us to come up with an idea. We instantly thought of horror/scary because of how close to Halloween it is! After we got our theme and group name down, we came up with a time to meet, I met over the phone due to being a commuter, I am only on campus 3 times a week in the morning, and we all discussed our radio show name, Mary Hauntington, and then how our show was going to play out and what each person was going to take part of in the show. We all get along very well, and all of this planning and organizing parts of the project were extremely easy, due to all the flexibility of everyone and each person was willing to go the extra mile if needed.

I chose to talk about two different haunted places in Richmond that are open to the public that I felt are awesome places to go, especially during this time of year: The Church Hill Tunnel and Hollywood Cemetery. I spoke about where they were located in Richmond, the story behind ach place, and how and why each place is now haunted. Also, Richmond isn’t so far away from UMW, so if students listen to our show, maybe one weekend they may even go take a look themselves! I felt as if I went out of my comfort zone completely with this whole project, not just my part. The two places didn’t have that much meaning to me, but I have had a lot of friends who go to VCU or visit friends down in Richmond often, tell me about them and how the stories behind each place are actually true. They have also told me that as weird as the hauntings sound, they have first-hand experience with the ghost sightings and voices and sounds. That alone made the places more exciting to talk about, and hopefully I will be able to visit them as well to have my own stories.

I am very shy when it comes to recording my voice and being in a group; but my other group members definitely helped out a lot and we were all on the same page at all times so it made everything so much easier and comfortable for me.  I feel everyone in the group did an amazing job in each aspect. Everyone’s recordings were great and definitely went over my expectations of what I thought our show was going to be like. I am very proud of the outcome of our show, and if I am not just crazy, I think listeners are going to love it just as much as I do. I think the theme of horror was a great idea because of the time of year, and everyone seems to be getting into the Halloween Spirit already, so I know even hearing a snippet of our radio show would catch the attention of those in the Halloween spirit.


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