This audio assignment was by far the hardest for me. I am not a person who is very creative when it comes to making noises or sounds with different objects and even with my own body. I listened to the section of Charlie Chaplin’s – Lion Cage, 2:01-2:30, which I was supposed to replicate the sounds, over 30 times before I even got started thinking about how to make the sounds.

I had to record this in 2 different times and not at once in order to get the background sound, which was created from my laptop, a fly swatter and a bowl, to last throughout the entire clip. Weird combination of objects? Yes I know, I went searching for object that could make it close to the sound.


After recording the background sound, I recorded the other parts of the clip all together because they were far enough apart and not overlapping sounds that I could record all at once. I ended up separating the different sections however because I wanted to take out all of the background noise that would have been playing during the parts where only the background sound should be heard.



Above, I showed how I cut and pasted each section in order to eliminate any noise that shouldn’t be heard. I also described what I used to make the sounds.

I was dreading this assignment since the day Week 7&8 Blog was posted, and now that I completed it, I couldn’t be more relieved. I am anxious to see how others come out, because I want to see if anyone had the same amount of trouble as me, or even known at all. I do thank this class for opening my mind to different activities such as this…maybe one day I will have less fear and anxiety about doing them!


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