My Radio Commercial

Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt was the highlight for my commercial. Of course, it is connected with the theme of Mary Hauntington Radio because its…Halloween time! Time for scary, spooky, stories and places! Along with the places in Richmond I spoke about during our radio show, I feel as if Kings Dominion would fit right along with my piece. This is a place where you can go and be totally freaked out by all of the different mazes, shows, and scare zones. This, as the other 2 places I spoke about, are decently close to Mary Washington which was my goal in order to get the students in the spirit, and even give them ideas of what to do during this holiday season!

 I absolutely love Kings Dominion at this time of year and I think that is why I really chose to create a commercial about it. I am a huge fan of Halloween, and they do a great job of attracting thousands of people daily to scare them and get them into the Halloween spirit, which I feel is awesome!

Step 1: I did a little brainstorming in MS Word, and the wrote up what I was going to say in my commercial –

The horror grows to epic proportions during Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion. As darkness falls, evil will rise and the creatures will emerge from their darken graves.  Test your fears in the 9 different mazes around the park. Enter the darkest of dwellings and surround yourself with the creatures of the night. The demented souls are searching for someone to terrorize and that could be you. The question you will ask yourself is there any place that is safe within the park walls?

Step 2: I recorded my voice in the Voice Editor Audacity

To change the pitch of my voice, I used the effects button on the toolbar at the top of the page, and chose the “Change pitch” option. Where the red line is in the picture below, is where I used this option to create the very low voice which speaks the words “Come as you dare, survive if you can”


Step 3: I imported the scary Halloween background music from my computer that I found on FreeSFX 

For the music, I didn’t edit any of the parts of the clip, but I did use the effects button at the top of the page, and chose “Change Speed” and decided to lengthen the clip to the amount of time I was talking


Step 4: I imported yet another audio clip to add at certain parts of the commercial

I added these audio clips to my commercial at the certain spots because I felt those parts needed more oomph in the “scary” sense. The audio clip was from FreeSFX as well, and I did edit this one unlike the audio clip above. I cut certain parts out of the clip and pasted the red boxes below. I used 2 other effects, called fade in and fade out to make a smooth transition of sounds instead of: one sound plays then stops, another sound plays then stops and so on.


With all that said and done, my commercial has been made! I went through many ideas a first such as Party City for Costumes, or Pumpkin Patches, but then Kings Dominion came across my thoughts, and I knew that is what my commercial should be about, and to help attract the listeners to more haunted attractions!


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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    Great job with your explanation of how you created it. Give me more story such that Inspiration, influences and evolution of idea narrated, linked to related concepts; connected to larger ideas or works included; strong connection of storytelling elements


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