Daily Create 1002: Your weird and wonderful DS106 letterhead


I decided to google storytelling pictures and ended up picking the film strip. I then opened up MS Word and clicked on “Insert Header” and added the picture and clicked ok. After adding the picture to the top of the page, I inserted word art which read “Digital Storytelling” and chose the font and font size, and then placed it where on the header I wanted it to be. I saved my final product and uploaded it to Flickr!

Daily Create 1004: Evil guinea pigs

Guinea Pig

This daily create as just fun and entertaining for me. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason on why I chose the guinea pig picture I chose. I did add the red eyes to make it look “evil” and then used the photo editor GIMP to add the little mouse getting eaten by the guinea pig to make it more gross.

Daily Create 1006: Share your pearls of wisdom

“You know. Life’s short. If you don’t try new things,

you’ll never know what your best at.

And you can only make time for new things

by quitting the things you know don’t work for you.”

– Meg Cabot in the book Teen Idol

These words truly mean a lot to me. After reading this book, my outlook on life changed for the better. These famous words written by Cabot have made me remember to not hang on to things that aren’t good or aren’t working, there will always be new things to have and to try. If I don’t try, then I will never know if I will be successful at it.

Daily Create 1008: Describe your day as a Buzzfeed “listicle”

Weekend Warrior:
52 drinks to order at a bar with friends.
5 different ways to get back home…safely.
11 things to cure that morning hangover.
20 places to go shopping with your mom.
14 NFL games to watch on Sunday.
1 place to relax and fall asleep tonight.

My listicle above describes exactly what my weekend consisted of. Each one of those lines are truly what got me through the weekend, an some are even which I experience every weekend… such as watching football, shopping with my mom, and sleeping at night. The whole going out to the bar and dealing with hangovers don’t happen all that often. But for this weekend, it definitely happened, and I now know why I don’t do it that often, haha!

Daily Create 1010: Today is a very special day


I feel as if this picture explains it all! My best friend turned 21, and many of us went out to celebrate! It was definitely a night to remember, turning 21 only comes around once!

Daily Create 1011: What do you imagine your own famous last words might be?

I chose the words “I am not afraid to keep on living” because that is just it, I’m not. No one should be, and if I were to have the chance to actually know what my last words would be, these would be them. I have learned to always live for today and not tomorrow nor the past, but to always live. Therefore, why stop living after I die? I can still make a name for myself, and I will.


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