Mary Hauntington Bumper

I chose to make my bumper short and sweet, well scary if you think literally. I wanted the initial point to be that you are listening to Mary Hauntington on Ds106Radio, and then the short, get-you-hooked, line was intended to attract the attention of anyone who is interested in any stories that have horror or scary parts to them. With all of the stories that are going to be heard during our show, and the attractions that are being explained, it is true that the word “haunted” will have a different meaning after you listen to the show. We are hoping to have every listener scared yet excited for Halloween and to visit the places we talk about.

For my bumper, I used the following applications:
Voice Changer for Android
and the background sound effect from: SoundBible.

I started out googling hundreds of scary, spooky, horror, and haunted sounds and listened to almost all of them to find the one I wanted to use as my background ambiance as I was introducing Mary Hauntington on DS106Radio. I finally found the one I thought would fit perfectly as the sound started soft and eerie, continued to get louder and louder for roughly 8 seconds, then finished off slow and spooky. I saved the mp3 to my computer:

save audio

and then opened it up in Audacity as a baseline for my bumper, and used the sound as my scary background music.

MH Import

Then, I recorded my saying “You are listening to Mary Hauntington on ds106radio… where haunted has a whole new meaning” 7 different times on the app I downloaded to my tablet, Voice Changer. I used this app because I could slow my voice down and the pitch down before I saved it and uploaded it to Audacity, where I further used the resources it has to create my final product.


Finally, on Audacity, I uploaded the voice recording of my introduction. I then placed it in the correct time frame that I wanted it to start; after the slow, eerie sound effect had been on for about 3 seconds, when it started getting louder.

MH Import2

After I had it in the correct place of the 14-second bumper, I started playing with the effects. I decided to only change the effects of the last phrase, “where haunted has a whole new meaning”.

I only wanted to add effects to that phrase because I wanted my original voice in the beginning, but then I wanted my voice to get very low and scary sounding as the bumper came to an end. The effects I used to create the low, scary sounding tone-of-voice, were the tempo, speed and pitch effects. I played around with the levels of each of those effects until I got the sound just right and then I played the whole bumper over and over making sure I was happy with the final product, which I am!

MH Import3


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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    Love the bumper…amp up the story and how it relates to your radio show. I am looking for Techniques and methods are explained in sufficient form to help someone else do a similar assignment, explained as narrative steps, with supporting screenshots or screencasts. Sources of external media cited by name and URL.


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