So and So’s Greatest Hits

For So and So’s Greatest Hits I chose to create a sound clip collage of Eric Church’s best 5 songs. For the specific songs I chose, I chose them because I questioned about 10 different friends, asking them about what songs they would choose as his best songs, and these were them. I also couldn’t agree more because all of these songs could be played on repeat for days and I would never get tired of listening to them.

To complete this recording, I used Audacity and YouTube. After I came up with the list of songs, I listened to each song and picked a snippet of each one to use in my greatest hits sound clip. I recorded Love Your Love the Most, Smoke a Little Smoke, Drink in My Hand, Springsteen, and finally Give Me Back My Hometown. In between each song, I put a verse with just the words, “Yeah, yeah” from Give Me Back My Hometown to give it a little more uniqueness other than just going from song to song.






Now for the reason I chose Eric Church is because I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert last summer, and Eric Church was one of the opening acts. Well, in my opinion, Eric Church blew the concert away. Don’t get me wrong, Kenny Chesney was amazing, too. But, Eric Church engaged the crowd in his music and brought the concert alive. His voice in person is just as good, if not better than in any recording.


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