week 6

Pirates have landed


I created a story that the Pirates took all the criminals in the world…wishful thinking right? Well I am more of a visual person, so I decided to add a picture with the writing to  give it form and have the picture symbolize the pirates leaving the island on ships with  the criminals.

Water and Glass Moving Around

I wish I could say there was rhyme or rhythm with this daily create but that would be far-fetched. I wasn’t too creative with this, and all that came to mind when I finally remembered to complete this daily create was a glass of water and shake it around. Well, to add a little more oomph to it, I added color 😉 Although a few drops of blue dye were added; it didn’t change how exciting my thoughts were for this project…yes sarcasm was used. Sorry for the boring daily create today!

My ds106 Empathy Map

My empathy map

Oh my, where to start! I centered my thoughts around ds106 instead of all of my thought. That would be quite scary. To add some character to the map, I added colors to different sections of the map to make it pop. This class is definitely a lot of work, but every bit of it is worth it to me. It is exciting and always has me on my toes. The only pain I have from this   class is that all of my other work piles on top of each other and just wears me to the ground. Other than that, my feelings for this class are all positive!

TDC Powers of 10


I combined “What I do with my dog”, “Lune Poem” and “A picture describing my  favorite song”. Those are my favorite daily creates this far because each one has a little bit of my favorite things. My dog by far is my favorite! He is my life and showing him off anytime I can is something I will do. My lune poem talks about make-up which if I didn’t go to school for business, I would have taken up the opportunity to go to cosmetology school. Lastly, the picture describing my favorite song “Kick it in the Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert, not only describes that song by describes my life. Sitting by bonfires is a typical Friday/Saturday night for me with family and friends.


  • My DesignBlitz was intense to say the least. During the beginning of the week I had a hard time trying to pick and choose what pictures to take because I felt like each of the pictures could’ve been every design element, and that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to try and get pictures that used one design element that stood out and was clear to see, so I had a good example for my own work. The four best I chose were the Sun and Moon – color/metaphor and symbols, Heart Shaped Hands – minimalism/use of space, My Family Rules Sign – typography, and the Eifel Tower – dominance.

For my Design Assignments this week I chose:

What the Font, One Story, Four Icons, Six-Word Memoir, The Ultimate Merger and You’re Invited!

  • What the font: I designed a butterfly shaped word art. The word I used described my dad and how his battle with Multiple Sclerosis is going. I used color to make this assignment special and to draw attention to certain words.
  • One Story, Four Icons: I chose the movie Sweet Home Alabama to create this guessing assignment. This assignment as definitely minimalistic, and I loved only being able to use four icons to explain the entire movie. I picked the two states she is torn between, New York and Alabama, the lightning bolt to symbolize what her and Jake did growing up with lightning and sand, and the fighter game because in the end that was the game that was at the bar at the reception.
  • SixWord Memoir: Through all the obstacles I have overcome in my life, the words “Determination will get me through this” say it all. I am an extremely determined person and will never give up no matter how hard something is. The reason I chose the picture of me walking away and put it in black and white was because I wanted the picture to represent how I am walking away from the negativity and the hardships, and entering into what some of the best years of my life will be.
  • The Ultimate Merger: Weight Watchers and Subway…seems like a perfect couple. This was a super fun assignment and I could’ve done this all day with thousands of different companies. I chose these two because I love eating at Subway and I have heard a lot about Weight Watchers and how it is actually a successful weight loss journey. According to Jarrod, eating at Subway helps you lose weight! Maybe one day they could actually merge together to help more people come together and fight being overweight.
  • You’re Invited: I created an invitation to a wedding even though it isn’t happening. I used my boyfriend and I as the people getting married because I thought it’d be fun to pretend! We have talked about it, but definitely no plans to so this was just a fun assignment for me. I used GIMP to create it after I used PowerPoint and failed! I do like the end product now, way better than what it was beforehand!

Radio Show 🙂

  • The radio group I am in with Kailey, Hope, Amanda and Sara have come to an agreement with the name Digitaleagles. We started communicating through emails and that wasn’t working too well because all of hardly check our emails. Then it went to eagle chat, and that didn’t work either. We finally came up with our best way of communicating through text messages (not sure why we didn’t think of this in the first place, especially with technology nowadays). For our radio show, we decided that in honor of Halloween, we are going to narrate urban legends and ghost stories and interpret with haunted paces in Virginia. We had an idea of making informational graphics about the haunted houses and tweeting them out during our broadcasts. I am excited/nervous about this radio show experience; but this will be something I have never done before and I am looking forward to this new experience. Below I have added two possible logos for our radio show group:



My Thoughts for week 6

Ultimately I learned a lot about the elements of design this week. In high school, I had a rough idea of what each of them were, but I read more in depth about them this week and actually practiced what I learned by taking my own pictures that I thought used the elements of design. I also spent a little time online looking over random pictures on Google and Flickr analyzing them and picking out what elements of design were used in each picture. Using color is by far one of my favorite elements because I love colorful projects and to me, if it isn’t colorful it seems boring and not eye-catching.


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