What the Font?


Looking through all the design assignments, and came across this one and immediately clicked on it. This assignment has a ton of meaning to me because my dad has Multiple Sclerosis and has been in a battle with this since 2009. My first tattoo was one of a butterfly, and the body of it was an orange ribbon which symbolizes MS. I had a quote make up the wings which read, “We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have”.

So when I saw the chance to make another picture like the tattoo on my back, I jumped on it immediately. I browsed the web for a good site to complete this and came across Image Chef.

To change the shape of the picture I was creating, I clicked on the arrow on the dropdown box under the “Symbol” option and searched around for the butterfly.

change picture

I chose the butterfly because I was inspired by my tattoo, and it reminds me of how he is “spreading his wings” and overcoming all obstacles sent his way. When I first tried designing the picture, having the words typed on separate lines didn’t work. So I had to go back and re-write all the words just including a space in between each one instead of having them on separate lines. After hitting the preview button, the words weren’t in the way I wanted them to be… To arrange the words in a way where the words Multiple and Sclerosis were the stand out words in the middle I had to hit the rearrange arrow, at least 50 times to get it just right.

rearrange text

I then changed the text color to dark grey instead of pink as the default was set to. In the text box, instead of a single quote, I chose words that describe my dad.

set word color

 I decided to only use two different colors for the words, orange and gray. I didn’t want so much going on but I wanted the words Multiple Sclerosis to be the attention grabber. To change the colors of certain words, The reason I chose orange for the color to pop out, and the color of the words Multiple Sclerosis, because that is the color that stands for MS. My dad fights hard day in and day out, and there is never a day he uses the words can’t or won’t. He is such an inspiration to me and has enough determination to share it with the world. This assignment was perfect for me, and I am glad I got the opportunity to complete it.


2 responses »

  1. jenniferpolack says:

    My mom has ms I totally understand, she was diagnosed in 1992. I love the image, story and your interpretation. Give a few more steps about how you created.


  2. jenniferpolack says:

    Excellent upgrade!


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