My empathy map

Above are my daily creates, Water and Glass Moving Around and My Empathy Map.

For the water and the glass, I wasn’t too sure of any other idea than some of what each and every other person took a video of, a glass you drink from and water. Well, the only other twist I could think of was to add dye…not so creative, but all I could think of. There was no really rhyme or reason behind the video, just for the Daily Create!

For my empathy map, most of my thoughts I centered around DS106. Yes, it said have it in mind, but since it is a Daily Create for ds106, I wanted it to be my main thoughts. As I am sure everyone thinks, this class is a lot of work, but although it is a lot of work, it is fun work to me and not just busy work. The pain for me is just everything added on top of each other which makes me worn out; I then try and recharge myself on Sundays (my only day off from anything)!


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